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Montgomery Eye is the only regional LASIK practice with certified Corneal Specialist Surgeons, offering custom procedures for all patients. This campaign aims to empower individuals with the knowledge of what questions they should ask when considering LASIK, with the ultimate goal of showing that Montgomery Eye’s experience is second to none.

Result Over 12,000 commercial views and 50% increase in LASIK screenings.

Client Montgomery Eye

Concept + Strategy
Slogan Creation
Social Media
Digital Campaign
Script Writing + VO
Creative Direction
:30 Commercial Spot


Behind the Campaign

Montgomery Eye, the oldest practice in town to offer LASIK, came to us looking for a way to separate them from other LASIK providers in the region. Every January, the practice shifts gears to launch a four-month long LASIK-centered advertising campaign. This January, we launched “Do your homework” which is geared towards lowering the anxiety associated with having the procedure done and subtly shows off Montgomery Eye’s expertise over their competition.


To the digital billboard in the sky

Another layer of the ad campaign we produced for Montgomery Eye was designing outreach materials to attract the general public. These are people they more than likely would never have reached otherwise. For this purpose, we occupied Montgomery Eye three digital billboard slots with shorted versions of each ad. We shorted each homework saying to simply read “At Montgomery Eye…” rather than posing the full question.


On the TV Screens

A suite of on-screen advertisements for their waiting room televisions. These operate as a mean for patients to learn about their LASIK services.


Dropping Knowledge

The “Do your homework” campaign is featured in every outlet Montgomery Eye possesses. Their website and social media accounts are all outfitted with the campaign. Montgomery Eye  came to us wanting to show their customer something different. They wanted to express how they’re different from their competitors without doing so at their expense. Our approach was to encourage patients considering LASIK to ask the right questions and be comfortable in their decision. Then, this approach was pushed to social and the homepage of their website for maximum reach to their target audience.