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We were invited in on the ground level of building the Coach Larry Chapman Foundation to assist in all branding, strategy, and design. The goal of the Larry Chapman Foundation is to raise money for AUM scholarships to assist student athletes in finishing their degrees after eligibility. These funds are received through private and corporate donations and their Fall basketball tournament.

Result As of its October 2016 launch, the Larry Chapman Foundation has raised over $100,000 in donations.

Client The Coach Larry Chapman Foundation

Logomark + Style Guide
Web Design
Social Media
Nonprofit Strategy


Behind the tagline

This is a beckon to all of Coach Larry Chapman’s former players. During his employment as the Head Basketball Coach at Auburn High School, he and his assistants originated the saying which has been used over 40 years to break every huddle. “Are you ready?” “Yes” the players replied. “Are you sure?” The players responded with a resounding “Let’s go!”


Representing everything

In their logomark, we chose to represent the different subcategories of their brands. The Coach Larry Chapman Foundation logo variations sub the word “Foundation” for each category name — Tournament, Awards, and Scholarship. Shown here are the horizontal variation. Others not pictured.


Why not be social?

The next step of developing The Coach Larry Chapman Foundation was establishing an online presence. We began by producing their content from pulling photography spanning Chapman’s career, citing written bios of the coach, and creating everything else in between from their mission and core values to their sponsorship benefits. In addition to a website, we set up a Facebook profile and produced shareable graphics for content.


Business on the front, party on the back.

Another essential step in developing The Coach Larry Chapman Foundation’s brand was the development of printed collateral. We produced pieces such as business and sponsorship cards for the board to give to new contacts wanting to learn more about the organization.


Let’s get digital (left)

In addition to shareable Facebook graphics and printed materials, we produced digital collateral such as the sponsorship form shown to the right. This graphic in particular was utilized as an email campaign strategy to increase their reach for obtaining sponsorship.

Sharing is caring (right)

Above is an example of a social share graphic we designed to introduce a challenge initiated by a benefactor who pledged to pay two dollars for every one dollar donated up-to 18,000 dollars.