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AmeriFirst Bank made its founding in Union Springs, Alabama over 100 years ago. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, AmeriFirst Bank and Fifth partnered to refresh the brand and its strategy, as well as create a campaign centered around the last 100 years of relationships between AmeriFirst Bank and its customers.

Client AmeriFirst


Logomark + Style Guide
Web Design
Print Campaign

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Behind the tagline

While many financial institutions are able to offer similar services, no other bank can compete with AmeriFirst’s high touch model or community involvement. As a nod to their historic strides and patriotic name, together we can evokes a sense of collective success between its local loan officers and their customers these last 100 years, as well as a promise to continue those partnerships into the next.


Dynamic Duo

In their logomark, we updated traditional colors with the addition of a gold metallic PMS 872. The star nods to their name, as well as the joining of AmeriFirst Bank and its members. The logo and its variations allow for seamless applications while still maintaining its integrity.


Print It Like You Mean It

Along with the new branding, we created a new AmeriFirst Bank collateral suite. We created pieces such as business cards, teller envelopes, name tags, letterhead, email signatures, and envelopes.


Why not be social?

A large departure from the old website, AmeriFirst Bank now has an established online presence. We reorganized content to better serve the site visitor and included visual cues like photography and icons to lead members through the pages. With testimonials from both business and consumer banking members, the website now serves to provide their members with traditional banking services as well as a number of other resources AmeriFirst Bank provides to its customers.


Thank You For 100 Years

To celebrate its 100th Anniversary and in keeping with the brand’s sense of togetherness, our campaign’s aim was instead of touting AmeriFirst’s success, to thank its members for their hand in its last century of partnerships. Our campaign targeted each city in which AmeriFirst Bank presides, including Montgomery, Prattville, Lee County, and Union Springs, showing that community and its reach, and ran locally through magazines, newspapers, and billboards.