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Trinity Presbyterian Church recently rebuilt their main campus as a commitment to their downtown Montgomery ministries. This $20 million project now hosts more than 700 families each week with their Sunday and Wednesday services. This Capital Campaign was created to diminish their remaining debt of $3 million.

Result Within six weeks of the launch, Trinity surpassed their $3 million goal and raised $3.1 million.

Client Trinity Presbyterian Church

Logomark + Style Guide
Photo + Video
Print Campaign


Behind the tagline

Trinity desired for the campaign to focus on their past, present and future as a church. They wanted their members to reflect on all God has done through Trinity’s faithfulness. The tagline “Past. Present. Future.” simply encompassed this.


Three Pillars

The number three is a reoccurring theme for Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Past, Present, and Future. Even the name Trinity represents the God-fold three-in-one. We wanted to build a campaign that didn’t seem separated from who they are as a church. Our idea was to represent all of these things in 3 rectangular pillars. Later, when we developed the print campaign, we assigned each pillar a time-frame. The first represents the past and so on.


Collapsing the Past. Present. Future.

These pieces inform the members of the church of Trinity’s past and present as it relates to the future. They introduced members to the Faithful campaign and its mission. Our goal for the project was to collapse the past, present, and the future of the church so even new comers feel a connection to Trinity’s journey and great financial sacrifice. Through thoughtful imagery selection and placement as well as typographic emphasis, this is accomplished.